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Basic Concept

A description of our API and basic concept of json resources.


We provide REST-Full JSON API. Our API has pagination, and query builders such as includes, filters, sortings, and sparse fieldsets.

Url Query Naming Convention

For marking currently authenticated entity we can provide an auth string instead of real identifier.

`/clients/auth/delivery-orders` instead of `/clients/777/delivery-orders`

JSON Api Resources Convention

Almost all of JSON Api resources has id, created_at, updated_at.

  • id - as int data type;
  • created_at, updated_at - as timestamp data type;

Versioned Api Endpoints

Our REST Api has convention about versioning. All endpoints prefixed with /v{version-number}/.

For example: `/v1/clients/auth/delivery-orders`

In the near future will be released subsequent REST Api versions. (All access tokens holders will be informed about new releases).

REST Api Security

All Api endpoints are secured by personal access tokens, excluding authentication Api endpoints. They needed to issue new personal access tokens.

All personal access tokens are long-lived and must send in the Headers as the bearer authentication method.

Each personal access tokens holder has a particular Api endpoint to revoke issued tokens if they are no longer needed for him.

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